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Make a big impression

Professionalism is essential; it shows you’re to be taken seriously, that you’re reliable and that you take a long term view.

However, you can’t beat passion to demonstrate you care, a well-timed emotional outburst, delivered with authenticity, can make a big impression.  Used sparingly it can be a powerful tool.

Pick your moment and let it go!


A “Good News” Story

If people have to be told that a communication is a “Good News” story , it probably won’t be perceived that way. 

This is not natural language.  Not something we’d say outside the work place.  It introduces uncertainty that may not have existed before.  It erodes trust.  It demeans the recipient.

If, when delivering a difficult message, you feel like you need to tell people it’s a “Good News” story you probably need to think about it in a bit more detail:

  • Explain the context
  • Communicate the facts
  • Provide supporting evidence
  • Be honest
  • Be authentic
  • Allow the recipients to form their own opinion.

If the content of your message is big and important it is likely that the audience will be split; some people will consider it “Good” news, while others may consider it “Bad”.  If you expect a different result you will be disappointed.

Your goal should be to deliver your message clearly, ensure it’s understood, and then engage in a dialogue.  Good news or bad.