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Savour the excitement

The kind of excitement that stops you from falling asleep; too keen for the morning to arrive…

And the kind of excitement that hits you like a jolt as soon as your brain engages in the morning; remembering the promise the day holds.

It’s too easy to become immune to it over time, to bury the feelings of expectation and focus on the mundane matters of the here and now.

It takes something really special to provide that buzz… all the more reason to savour it when it’s there.  Enjoy!


Momentary lapse of reason

When you first have the idea, for a fraction of a second your mind is filled with possibility, your heart skips as you race to explore the endless opportunities, fuelled by enthusiasm and positivity… a momentary lapse of reason eliminates any inhibitions, conditioning or bitter experience.

Then it returns bringing with it judgement, negativity and fear. The moment is gone, the excitement quashed.

What would happen if we could delay it just a fraction longer, for a few seconds even? How long would we need to allow the idea to grow strong enough to stand up to the inevitable assault?