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Yours, ours, theirs

When you start with nothing and set out to build something from scratch it takes commitment and persistence. It has to be personal.  The outcome is yours.

To scale you will need help, there’s only so far you can take it on your own. You have to build a team and give up some control.  By sharing it becomes ours.

Once you have customers that are willing to pay for it, it suddenly becomes theirs.

If you’re not willing to share, there is only so far you can go.  The sooner you realise, the better it’ll be for everyone!


When routines clash

Some elements of your routine are good.  They are personal, provide efficiency, remove thought from mundane tasks and eliminate the noise from your day, allowing attention to be turned to matters of significance.

Other elements rely on the cooperation of others.  Over time, your world starts to impinge on the lives of others.  Your personal boundaries expand.  What is common becomes owned.  No longer shared, but yours by right.

Other people do this too… my seat on the train, my parking space, my time on the running machine… mine, mine, mine.

Eventually, elements of your routine will clash.  Through ignorance, bloody-mindedness, or honest mistake.  Something will have to give.  If you’re not prepared, it could get messy.

Be aware of what you have.  What’s yours.  What’s borrowed.  Be grateful for what other’s allow you.  Never consider it a right.

Be willing to share.

Build flexibility in to your routine.  Be prepared for change.  Don’t let mundane things throw you off your game or dampen your mood.