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The right things

You have to believe that if you keep doing the right things then good things will happen.

The challenge is to notice when the world moves on and the right things are no longer right.


Persistence is not always enough

Persistence is to be admired.  Fighting against the odds to achieve the improbable.  Digging deep into your reserves to beat adversity.  If at first you don’t succeed…

If however your goal requires you to bring others with you against their will, to convince them against their better judgement, to change deeply held beliefs… tread carefully.  Persistence will quickly result in irritation, build resistance, induce anger.

Persistence alone is not always enough.  Sensitivity to the situation, willingness to try different approaches, or to seek assistance from elsewhere, are all equally valuable traits.

Maintain an unerring focus on the goal, but be willing to look around for the means of reaching it.