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Make it happen

Who you are today doesn’t have to dictate who you are tomorrow. Of course it will be a major factor, but the future isn’t cast in stone.

People can learn.  People can change. People can unlearn.

It won’t necessarily be easy; you need desire. It won’t necessarily be quick; you need time and perseverance. However it is possible, you just need to make it happen.


If you don’t ask…

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

If you ask in the right way, your chances will increase dramatically.

If you can offer something of value in return, you can start to negotiate.

How many opportunities have passed you by because you’ve acted too hastily or sold yourself short?

What can you do to reduce the chances of it happening again in the future?

What’s stopping you?

Not what I signed up for

Inevitably, things change.

The organisation you joined, the team you committed to, members of your family, your local community, your surroundings… are all subject to constant change.

Sometimes the changes enhance the things you like most, accentuating the positives.

Often the change is unwelcome.  Little changes combine to create a big change.  Eventually you realise that what you have is not what you had in mind, not what you signed up for.

What then?

When big change creeps up on you, your options are simple but limited:  re-commit, accept it, or take control and commit elsewhere.

You can avoid the shock of big change by becoming more aware of the many small changes around you.  Look in the mirror too, it’s not just external change you need to accept.  By adapting to the small changes as they happen you will increase your level of control.

Give yourself plenty of opportunity to re-commit, to re-negotiate the contract, on your terms.

When routines clash

Some elements of your routine are good.  They are personal, provide efficiency, remove thought from mundane tasks and eliminate the noise from your day, allowing attention to be turned to matters of significance.

Other elements rely on the cooperation of others.  Over time, your world starts to impinge on the lives of others.  Your personal boundaries expand.  What is common becomes owned.  No longer shared, but yours by right.

Other people do this too… my seat on the train, my parking space, my time on the running machine… mine, mine, mine.

Eventually, elements of your routine will clash.  Through ignorance, bloody-mindedness, or honest mistake.  Something will have to give.  If you’re not prepared, it could get messy.

Be aware of what you have.  What’s yours.  What’s borrowed.  Be grateful for what other’s allow you.  Never consider it a right.

Be willing to share.

Build flexibility in to your routine.  Be prepared for change.  Don’t let mundane things throw you off your game or dampen your mood.

Take a break

Have you ever noticed how taking some time away can help to embed changes you’ve made in your life?

The act of leaving, having a distraction and returning, seems to be a trigger that helps cement changes big or small.  Whether it’s a short trip, an exotic vacation, or even a long weekend away from the office, they can all be effective.

You leave a “new house” and return to your “home”.  Leave a “new job” and return to “work”.  Leave something strange, and return to something more normal.

Is this a tool that you could use to help manage change in your life?

Change is hard for everyone.  It requires you to dig deep.  The effort required to stick with it is draining.

Get away.  Take a break.  Breathe.  Come back with a new perspective.