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Winning in a crisis

No matter which sector you work in, from time to time chaos ensues.  Unexpected events mean the normal rules are throw out the window; stability is replaced by crisis, normality by a battle for survival.  There will be winners and losers; some will emerge stronger, others will be lucky to survive.

Under these circumstances, is it better to be the “best prepared going in” or to be the “best prepared to react as the dust settles”?

Is all lost if you weren’t ready, if you hadn’t anticipated the emerging risks, or if events develop so quickly that you’re caught off guard?

You can’t turn back the clock.  It’s how you respond that counts… you can take action to turn the odds in your favour.  You may not be the best prepared, but you may be able to turn yourselves into the best prepared to succeed.  Dig in!


Live a little!

We don’t experience the sensation of nervous anticipation very often.  Most of us are much more used to the sensations of drudgery, boredom and frustration; we spend our days battling against them, getting through.

Excitement makes us feel alive; our heart beats just a little faster, while minds race. Rest can wait; we’re absorbed by the anticipation of events to come.  The adrenalin rush, the exhilaration, the exertion, the satisfaction.  And it can’t come too soon.

It’s a rare indulgence, frugally rationed, a guilty pleasure.  Opportunities to experience it are too few and far between.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… all it takes is a step outside your comfort zone, to take on a challenge, or to take a risk.  Go on… you won’t regret it.  Live a little!

Everyday risks

Seize the day… live for the moment… tomorrow will take care of itself… until it doesn’t!

Some disasters are inevitable, just a matter of time. Ignoring the warning signs is irresponsible, plain ignorance, suicide. Overuse of scarce resources, unsustainable growth; we make the most of it while we can, but it will end, of that there is no doubt.

For other disasters it’s a numbers game, we take our chances and live with the consequences. The risks are small, not significant enough to be a factor in to our day to day actions. They are always there, a feint shadow in the background, heightening our awareness of the here and now.

Sometimes it’s better not to be aware of the risks we face as there is little we can do to address them. However ignorance is a dangerous companion that can deprive us of choice and feed complacency.

Life does not come risk-free, the question is… how best to embrace it?